BRII has been a staple in the Vienna Club scene for quite some time now. As BRII has always been drawn to music at a very young age. As he taught himself as a youngling to play the piano, which sparked his interest in other instruments and singing. BRII joined the Vienna Boys Choir at the age of 14. As he’s born in the 90’s era. He’s heavily influenced by R&B, Funk and Hiphop. Dr.Dre and Quincy Jones remain an inspiration source for his own productions.While in his early 20’s. BRII invested a lot of time and diligence in creating a name in the DJing scene in Vienna trough the event Tipsy Tuesday and the Popular club Vie I Pee. As time progressed he received high recognition for his edits & remixes. (Supported by Artists&Radio like: Joe kay’s Soulection radio on Apple Beats 1 Radio, RinseFM, Sosodality Vibecast, Jarreau Vandal & more.After becoming an resident DJ in Vienna’s based club night, BRII got signed by Sosodality. Through Sosodality. BRII has gained more recognition to an international audience and opportunities to DJ abroad.